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Alberto Catalá

Alberto is Tango dancer and teacher.
He had been a strong formation in the dance of the 2x 4 by the hand of the master Mingo Pugliese, combining in this learning the astuteness of the milonga and a high degree of technicism, characteristic of the classes of the famous master.

For that reason Alberto to deepen in this dance, to the point of specializing in the proposal and the material of the great dancer and milonguero Todaro through the teachers Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, so that today Alberto has in his report a great baggage of figures and sequences of the unrepeatable golden age of Argentine tango.

This specialization opened the doors of teaching, nothing more and nothing less than in the mythical Canning Salon, in one of the most emblematic milongas of the Buenos Aires scene, the emblematic milonga Parakultural, where he worked as a teacher for 23 consecutive years.

But the path of tango dance for Alberto does not end there, it expands when he enters the world of organic movement, contemporary dance and body awareness, a specialized method for tango dancers developed by Marcela Trapé.

The integration of this new approach to movement to Alberto's vast experience in tango increased his expressive capacity and opened the doors to a personal language in his tango,

a language that has, as mentioned before, the foundations of the great milongueros and the evolution of movement.

This new personal language, based on strong body and musical knowledge, gives Alberto a consistent platform that is reflected in his classes, workshops, and exhibitions.

The synthesis of the old and the new...the integration, is the fundamental characteristic that defines Alberto's tango proposal after 25 years of experience, and that continues in evolution.

Alberto, in addition to focusing his classes on the Buenos Aires scene, has traveled and taught in the USA, Europe and Asia, where in addition to his independent work, he has also been invited to accompany on several occasions stellar tango figures such as the great dancer Guillermina Quiroga.

Currently Alberto has his dance studio in Buenos Aires, in the Balvanera neighborhood, where he gives classes and seminars, teaming up with Marcela Trapé, and travels to Europe annually where he develops his workshops and private classes, from his non-commercial profile, a characteristic that gives him his own stamp.

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